Six ways to cope with work stress

Here are some of the few tips and tricks to cope up with work stress.

1. Set aside some time for planning

If work has become too much for you, and you’re constantly falling behind… stop! Instead of trying and failing to catch up, you’d be much better off spending some time thinking about your goals and how your prioritize your tasks.

2. Align your tasks with your goal

Just knowing your goal and associated tasks is not enough. Many people reach this stage but still fall behind with their work and fail to achieve their goals.

The secret is to understand which of your tasks should be high priority and which ones can be done when you have spare time.

3. Remove, change or accept the stressors

How to tackle specific work stressors? I recommend the following method that WellCastintroduced:4

Take a piece of paper and divide it into three columns. At the top, write remove in the first column, change in the second and accept in the third.

4. Create positive relationships at work

One key to improving your ability to manage stress is being able to accept help from others. Not only does it alleviate negative circumstances by simply distracting you and creating a buffer between daily tasks and their negative connection, it will provide a sense of support and relief.

Make an effort to create friendships with your colleagues. Go to the after-work happy hour or just ask a colleague out for coffee at lunchtime. Not only will you have someone to confide in, but you will start to associate positive feelings to work.

5. Take time out for yourself

Anyone can get overwhelmed when stress occurs at work, and this can spill into other areas of your life. This is why it’s important to clock out mentally from your job from time to time.

Take time off to relax and unwind in order to regain your energy and come back to work invigorated. Make sure you actually do something you enjoy like spending time with your kids or partner, or visit that country you’ve always wanted to explore.

6. Take mindful action towards your health

The irony of stress is that your healthy habits can take a backseat. Maintaining and even improving your health will keep your stress under control.  some ways to keep you physically fit:

  • Eat healthy foods. 
  • Avoid unhealthy foods.
  • Exercise regularly. 
  • Get enough sleep. 

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